Monday, October 20, 2008


I once knew a little girl,
her hair had a little
a bit more than a little we'll say.
It curled from Sunday all the way to Saturday.

Her mom would help her brush it out
and that would make her scream and shout!
"Kaija, Kaija keep it down in there!"
her dad would shout from his lounging chair.

So little Kaija would zip her lips,
stomp her feet, and shake her hips,
cause her curls would really hurt her head
so much so, she'd wish she were dead.

But after about ten minutes or so
her mom would finally let her hair go,
and Kaija's head wouldn't feel so sore
cause she just couldn't feel it anymore.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i don't know why i am afraid to go
i'm not sure why i'm afraid to be alone
why is it, this gathering i dread
to get together & mourn the dead?
why are emotions so uncomfortable?
why do they make us anxious, unstable?
is this what it is to be real
to fear, to dread, & just to feel?
motions so overwhelming
trials so exasperating
you'll never feel prepared
i'll always feel scared
to face these things head on
this life we dwell upon.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hot and Stuffy

I wrote this one night when I felt the need to be creative....

It's hot and stuffy like a dog house. The cluttered shelves and bursting closet overwhelm any sense of peace. While calming Fine Frenzy plays there is not rest here. Bright red accents contend with the super blue walls, competing for brightest attention and making my eyes jump. The heat is unnecessary discomfort. If I could just pull myself away to crack open the window. Maybe switch off a few lights. There, that's 89% better. Cooler, fresher air breaks up the stuffiness. My eyes relax with the dimness and a lone cricket sings along with A Fine Frenzy. The closet and shelves still scream and crowd but are muffled by thoughts of sleep and other days to work on them. A sweet breeze brushes my cheek. I can chill now. I've accomplished my creative goal today regardless of the distracting environment. So goodnight clothes-covered floor. Sweet dreams busy desk. Be still dear, chaotic room, you can't keep me up now.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


This post is a little more personal. My grendma is dying and I had to say goodbye to her before I moved. It was the hardest goodbye I've faced in this life. I love my grendma and will miss her tremendously!

It's a different smell now. From steamed peas and carrots, board games, dress up clothes and paper dolls to illness, bandages, bodies in beds for days. It's a different smell but I almost love it more. It's a sympathetic more. Her faces is paler and her eyes more sunken. She's just a skeleton with skin on. When she sleeps her mouth drops open and if she didn't make an occassional snore, I would think she was dead. While this body of her's is slightly unfamiliar her soul within is unwaivering and I love her more. She's holding on but tries to hide it by saying thins like, "don't ever wish to be old." She's tougher than she let's on and she's always been that way. I think she's afraid of missing this life of her's; afraid she'll miss out on another great grandchild's birth or a huge family event. But she won't really miss out on those things. She'll always be there and I will always love her more. So go on Grendma, just let go. You won't be left behind. We'll never forget you and we'll always, always love you.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Fight

There was a little girl
and there was a little boy.
Each was holding
their own favorite toy.

The little girl looked
at the the little boy.
Then she looked
at his own little toy.

Then something new happened.
Her eyes began to glow
as this new found jealousy
inside her did grow.

One look from him and
Towards him she ran
she grabbed at the toy
and the yelling began.

Then mom jumped in,

Now all three were yelling
and tears started to fall
so dad came tearing
all the way down the hall.

"I've had enough of this fighting,"
Big daddy said,
"Now, put on your jammies
and get into bed."

He added,"Big momma,
that goes for you too."
"But honey," she said,
"it's just barely two."

And sure enough,
the sun went on shining,
as all three fighters
were sent to bed whining.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Moment in the Life

All I had to do was go potty and no one would come help me. I stood and waited and waited by the front door for what felt like hours. There was no other option but to let out a whine and if that didn't work I would have to move onto the whimper. So I did it, as much as I didn't want to it had to be done. I couldn't hold it any longer. Then there was a head. The head of that lady who always rubs my belly popped up over the edge of that long, soft thing she always sits on while she stares at the box with the sounds and pictures. Her head turned and looked at me and she spoke something to me which I obviously didn't understand. I never understand anything she says to me. But it didn't matter what she said because she came to my rescue and opened the door. At last! Freedom! I ran and ran with the wind blowing in my face and sweeping through my floofy hair. It felt so good and there it was the perfect bush, waiting for me to use it. I did what had to be done and began my favorite ritual, sniffing and marking. I checked out the bush next to me, clean, I could move on. Then the next and the next. Ahah! Here was one. Who was this animal and what was she doing on my property? Well, we'll just fix that right up. There, my property again. Then as I was sniffing the next weed it happened. The door opened and here came bounding down the steps, dragging that poor nice lady behind him, was Ryu. Oh man! What's he doing now? He's always getting into trouble and trying to act tougher than me. He can be so annoying. Granted he's good for a romp now and then but more times than not he just gets on my nerves. Well, this particular day he came bounding down that porch so fast that the thing he drags the lady around with came ripping out of her hand and chased him as he ran. It was so crazy and funny at the same time. Ryu went running and this blue hard thing was chasing him. If he turned left, it went left. If he went right, it went right. He couldn't get away from it and the more it ran the harder it chased. Then that crazy dog actually did something smart. He stopped running and so did the thing. It just stopped. Then the nice lady came and picked up the blue thing and calmed it down and used it to pull Ryu back into the house. It was at that moment that I realized I wanted one of those blue things. It would maybe chill out Ryu and he would stop bothering me. I guess he's not that bad all the time. Just when I'm relaxing. But it sure would be boring without him.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little Blackbird

A little black bird sat on a fence pole, watching life go by. He saw a little cottontail nibbling on some clover. He saw a dog laying in the shade. He saw a momma cow leading her calf to the watering hole. These were all so nice to see and yet the little blackbird felt sad. And why do you think he felt sad on such a sunny, bright day? The little blackbird was lonely. He had no friends. None of the other birds were his age and wanted to play. They told him he was annoying and this made him very sad. While the little blackbird sat there feeling sorry for himself a wise, old mare mosied up behind him.
"Why are you so sad little one?" said the gentle voice of the mare.
"Because I have no one to play with," pouted little blackbird.
"And why is that?" was her response.
There was a pause then little blackbird blurted out, "Because I'm annoying and no one likes me!"
He was crying now and feeling even more sorry for himself. The mare thought for a moment then said, "I don't believe that God has ever made an annoying blackbird, just different ones. He's also made a lot of different creatures. Why don't you stop worrying about how different you are and go find someone else who feels different and sad? I'm sure you could really help cheer someone up." Then the mare gave little blackbird a nudge with her soft nose and mosied away.
Little blackbird was surprised. He thought the horse would just feel sad for him but she really didn't seem sad like he felt. As he sat and pondered what had happened, his little blackbird ears heard some whining. He couldn't see where it came from so he decided to fly around to see what was whining. He flew and flew until the sound got louder and then he saw a little chihuahua crying at the feet of it's owner. The chihuahua looked so sad as his owner sat reading, ignoring his cries. Little blackbird came and perched on a chair near the chihuahua.
"Hey, stop crying," said little bird.
The chihuahua turned and looked at little blackbird. He cocked his head to the side and a small smile spread across his face.
"Do you want to play?" asked the chihuahua.
"Yes, yes! I really want to play!" cried little blackbird and before he could say anything else, the chihuahua lept at him and began chasing him. Little blackbird and the chihuahua played for hours chasing each other and hiding and surprising each other. they became great friends and played every day. And it happened all because little blackbird learned to help others feel happy. The end.

Start dreaming

So here I am, lying in bed, trying to sleep, but my mind won't shutup. What do I want to be? What kinds of things can I do to make money off the things I love doing? What's my next, new, exciting plan? These questions tug at my brain while my eyes are slowly getting heavier. Be quiet! I just want to sleep!
I once read that once we give our brains a problem to solve it will work until it finds a solution. I recommend that you do not give it quizzes on your way to bed.
So here I am, lying in bed, an hour later, and the solution comes. Make a story blog. So that's what I'm doing to keep the creative juices flowing and hopefully bring me closer to my dreams.

I hope you enjoy my stories and I appreciate any comments or can only make me a better writer!