Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dream #1

Someone had made a complaint about me at work. A girl had thought I had been rude to her handicapped sister when really I had only given her an answer that she didn't like. So my boss was mad at me and I had to confront the girl. Things never did get resolved because next thing I know I have to go be in a play that takes place in a pool. Only problem is that the rest of the cast are currently in the middle of another play, so I get to just hang out in the dressing room. It was the play Annie & ironically I couldn't remember a single line. Then all of a sudden I'm swimming down a river as a fugitive. There's one girl in front of me and Levi's holding up the rear. As we're swimming, we see a crocodile ahead and decide we can float lifelessly by it without it attacking us. of us moves wrong and it starts chasing us. So we run down this river, jump out and run a little ways into another body of water. We swim across, jump out and turn a corner to jump into a canal. Whew! We lost him only now we're swimming through some big company's private property and one security guard is chasing us. I climb up on a ledge & he follows me, allowing the girl to get away. Levi, however, stays nearby. The guard and I play pickle. He knows if he climbs all the way onto the ledge I'll jump back into the canal. If I jumped then he would have to climb back down which will take longer and I'll get away. I finally jump and he pursues. We get climb out of the canal and start running through a field but it's becoming apparent that we can't out run him. So what's our next option? To play dead or injured. An ambulance is called and as they are about to pick me up the alarm goes off.